Imagine lush green gardens, a mesmerizing aquarium visit and sights that will leave an impact so loud, you’ll cherish memories for a lifetime and the best of all is you could get all this done in a day. Life these days is hectic and most homes have more than one working member in the family. This makes it really tough to schedule a long trip. There are a number of families that complain about never managing to take a family trip together and if you’re one of those people; it’s time you took the Monterey Bay bus tour with chicago motor coach.

What This Tour Has To Offer

The Monterey Bay bus tour might be a one day tour, but the impact this bus tour has and the memories it manages to send you home with is better than any long tour. This trip is packed with some of the best tourist spots that have been put together so you get a complete experience in a short span of time.

No Monetary Bay bus tour is complete without a visit to the Monetary Bay Aquarium. This aquarium was founded in 1984. This is one of the few aquariums that have Kreisel tanks to display their Jellyfish. Apart from Jellyfish, this aquarium is also home to stingrays, sea otters, bluefin and yellowfin Tuna and a number of native marine life. This is a great place for your entire family and your kids will love the display the aquarium has to offer.

The Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the most popular tourist spots in California. This long stretch has a beautiful sight to display and a simple walk here will make you feel complete and fresh. There are a number of activities that take place here and if you’re lucky enough you might manage to spot a few while here. You could get some breath taking photographs while here sp don’t forget to carry your camera.