If you want to have great riddles and answers for your kids, you cannot simply get any random riddles on newspapers and magazine. Of course, it would be best if they could gain more stuff from it, aside from simply having fun with riddles.

How to Find the Best Riddles for Your Kids?

In finding the best riddles that you can give to your kids, you can think of few factors to help you. This can help you in finding riddles that they can enjoy, while being beneficial and advantageous for them.

  1. Take note of the level of difficulty. Although it is a common knowledge that you should not give kids riddles that are too hard for them, it would not help if you will give riddles that are too easy as well. You just have to observe your kids, for you to know the right difficulty level for them. Of course, you should gradually increase the difficulty level as they improve.
  2. Find riddles and answers that could teach valuable lessons to your kids. You can have riddles about good moral, or riddles that could relate to their school topics as well. This can help them perform better in school, and could help you discipline them.
  3. Of course, riddles should be fun for your kids! Find riddles that are entertaining and amusing enough for your kids, for them to enjoy as they solve it. This can help you in encouraging them to answer more riddles regularly. New stuff are good examples of fun riddles, contrary to old ones that got boring through time.

You just have to consider these points as you search for a good repository of the best riddles and answers for your kids. You can look through books, magazines, newspapers and even on the web, and collect the best riddles that you can find.