Getting freebies and promos nowadays is made much easier through e-coupons and forums like what has, which is dedicated to all this. While magazines and snail mails still exist nowadays, forums like this are also becoming equally popular when it comes to companies offering coupons. Essentially, these forums help bring the consumers closer to the companies that offer such services. With that said, what are some other things that the offer?

Latest Deals

If you are looking for the latest when it comes to Coupons, Hot Deals, Giveaways and Freebies, Contests and Sweepstakes, and Facebook Offers, this is the part of the website for you, with one forum dedicated to each of the aspects that are mentioned above. More than just coupons, the site helps bring you closer to other promo deals, all of which help you to spend less. It also has an area that allows you to request specific deals if you are looking to save on something more specific. Lastly, to help filter out deals on whether they are still available or not, an expired deals section is also present which you can check out to see if the promo you wish to avail is still active.

The Lobby

This part consists of three forums. One is for Off-Topic Discussions and General Questions, Charitable Causes, and a “Look Who Found Us” section which allows both marketers and customers to know more about each other more warmly. There also is a charitable causes section which allows you to talk about anything that has to do with charity, whether it be the real ones or the scams. The lobby is the section which makes the whole website one which is more well-rounded, as it makes things more personal rather than focusing solely on the business side to things.