Everyone wants to be an expert in computers, but knowing everything about computers is not an easy task. There are a number of courses out there that help us to become an expert on computers. There are a lot of people who still search on topics like how to screen shot windows 10. This is a simple topic and easy to execute, but a lot of people, in fact, hundreds of people search the net every day on how to take a screenshot. Taking a screenshot can be a difficult task for some and easy for some.

For example, pressing the PrintScreen button on the keyboard is an easy activity for some and by only pressing this one button, a quick screenshot that gets captured and saved to the clipboard. This can also be difficult to some people where they can get confused that once the PrintScreen button is pressed what needs to be done next and how to save the file into your computer. There are also many instances where finding the print screen button on the keyboard can be a task in itself.

On some keyboard the name might be written as PrintScreen, some have it written as Print Screen SysRq and some other keyboards will have some other wordings. Different keyboards of different brands have they own arrangements and style which can confuse an ordinary person who is not very used to using computers. However, because of the use of computers in today’s times the literacy of using a computer has increased over the decades and people from all age groups are finding it more and more easy and comfortable to use a computer. Using computers have become easy and is the need of today’s world. Each and every activity from buying groceries to paying bills are all available and done on the internet today via computers, mobiles and laptops.