Often we wonder why all ages love teddy bears and that is mainly because of the emotional connection. One look at the riesen teddy and you fall in love with it and that’s because of the way they are manufactured with special features and characteristics. It is just a toy in the end but since it attracts our emotions, the teddy is cherished by everyone. It is an iconic stuffed toy.

Initially Teddy bears were made to look similar to real bears like its name , but with modern market growing the teddy bear got a complete makeover. They are either handmade or factory made with a variety of materials these days eg – cotton, satin. Synthetic fur , etc. They have huge cute eyes to display cuteness and made with safety materials that meet the industries requirements.

The Teddy bear Industry is Huge and has advanced and progressed a lot. These days the teddy bears are produced in bulk and their import export market has bloomed.Even though new kind of toys keep getting invented with passing days , the teddy bear will always be the all time favourite and will never lose its charm or place in the toy industry. Being the simplest of all toys with– with 2 arms, 2 legs, a nose, cute eyes , etc , the teddy still holds its place in everyone’s hearts from years. That is because of its lovable and huggable quality that comes to our mind when we think of the word Teddy Bear. Modern Teddy Bears have advanced so much that now we have battery operated teddies and walking and talking teddies. As time advances the world of the teddy bear will only keep growing and we might see types of teddy’s that we never thought of before.