The first thing that would amaze you about WordPress Engine is the WordPress landing page. Your websites load time will be reduced by half almost instantly. The response time also increases by almost 100% on the day of implementation itself.


WordPress Engine provides daily malware scan to ensure that there is no security breach on your website. Even if a breach is detected, WordPress Engine will resolve it for you free of cost.

Never Lose Data

With the daily backup feature, the chances are that you will never lose any data with WordPress Engine. If something goes wrong with the coding of your site, you can fall back on a previously saved version almost instantly. This means no downtime and no data lost.

Separate Staging Area

WordPress Engine provides you with the convenience of a separate staging area. This means that the website coding team can use this area to make changes to the back end coding without affecting the up time of your live website. Once the coding has been successfully tested, these changes can be integrated with your live website in the blink of an eye.

Cost Efficient

WordPress Engine is cost effective if you look at the features that it offers. WordPress Engine provides daily backups, daily malware scans, daily security checks, and enhanced plug-in updates. You would incur these additional costs if you went with another service provider. Add to this, discounts and deals offered by WordPress Engine, and this becomes the perfect solution for your WordPress hosting needs.

Customer Service

WordPress Engine prides itself in the level of customer service offered. By focusing solely on WordPress, they have ensured that they can hire the right experts and everyone answering the phone would be equally efficient to solve all WordPress related queries. This saves time for the customer and increases the uptime for the website.