For a lot of people, rhinoplasty is the only way to increase their confidence, self-esteem and their overall standard of living. This shouldn’t be at all shocking, since we live in a world that prioritizes appearances above all else and some people just want to ‘improve’ the way they look. Regardless of other people’s opinions, you should ultimately go with your instincts and what you think is best for you. Thus, of rhinoplasty surgery Toronto really is for you then we highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Oakley Smith.

The first thing to expect during initial consultation at Dr. Oakley’s clinic are the paperwork, they’re not all the long or difficult to fill up but it will take a few minutes. Afterwards, you’ll basically wait for your turn as the patient before you is getting their consultation; waiting time can go anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour, but it’s something you’ll appreciate when your turn comes. When the doctor is ready to see you, bring up what you want to happen and any current complaints that you have with your nose. Dr. Oakley will take everything into account and discuss all the possible solutions and options to your problem.

After everything has been discussed, you’ll proceed to the examination table where the doctor can get a close look at you’re the structure of your face and your nose. Once that’s out of the way, he will then sketch out a visual illustration of your potential nose. Take note, any past injuries or surgeries alongside the width of the cartilage, bone and thickness of the skin all play a role on how the nose will be shaped. In case you want a different result other than the one recommended by the doctor, or what will fit the bone structure then he will explain everything and offer caution.